Reynolds’s Afterlives in the Historical Fiction of David Ebsworth

By Dave McCall (AKA David Ebsworth) I first ran into George W. M. Reynolds about ten years ago. I was writing the first of my Spanish Civil War novels, The Assassin’s Mark, and I needed to find an appropriate real-life newspaper for which fictional protagonist and journalist Jack Telford might work. It needed to be … More Reynolds’s Afterlives in the Historical Fiction of David Ebsworth

‘Reynolds Re-evalutated’ Evaluated

Our narrative opens on the 23rd of July, 2019. A stifling heat pervaded the great metropolis, and the streets were swarming with life. Crowds of Londoners, like myriad animated streams, were pouring through the countless avenues and thoroughfares, diverging and then converging – and every constituent marched doggedly with one thing, one person, on their … More ‘Reynolds Re-evalutated’ Evaluated

Postgrads on Reynolds

Sophie Raine (Lancaster University) I was first made aware of the George W M Reynolds Society at the RSPV conference at the University of Victoria this year. I was giving a paper on Reynolds’ use of classical imagery in his illustrations of nude models. One aspect of Reynolds’ work which I found particularly interesting, and … More Postgrads on Reynolds