The Parricide (1847)

For this post, I wanted to draw attention to G W M Reynolds’s first work– The Parricide, The Youth’s Career of Crime (1847)[1]. The text had originally been published under the title The Youthful Imposter in 1835 when Reynolds was only twenty year’s old. Though I was unable to find any reviews of 1835 The … More The Parricide (1847)

Christmas and the Poor in Reynolds’s Newspaper

by Sophie Raine For our Christmas blog last year, I wrote about Reynolds’s Christmas story The Pixy (1848). This year, I was interested in what issues Reynolds covered in his non-fiction during the festive period, particularly in Reynolds’s Newspaper. Readers may not be surprised to learn that during this period, Reynolds did not diverge from … More Christmas and the Poor in Reynolds’s Newspaper

Reynolds and Rue Neuve-Saint-Augustine, Paris

by Mary L Shannon I’ve been intrigued by Reynolds’s Paris office ever since I started researching his London office for my book Dickens, Reynolds and Mayhew on Wellington Street: The Print Culture of a Victorian Street (2015). If Reynolds’s London office was located within a significant hub for metropolitan theatre, journalism, and publishing, I wondered, … More Reynolds and Rue Neuve-Saint-Augustine, Paris

Reynolds and Me

By Dr. Stephen Carver, Literary Historian As a child, I possessed a morbid passion for nineteenth century gothic literature. I had inherited this trait from my mother, a Catholic turned Spiritualist with a taste for true crime and horror film and fiction. My parents had me late in life and my grandparents were all born … More Reynolds and Me