Book Launch: G. W. M. Reynolds Reimagined

The Reynolds Society are incredibly excited to announce the launch of the brand new edited collection G. W. M. Reynolds Reimagined: Studies in Authorship, Radicalism, and Genre, 1830-1870. The collection was co-edited by Mary L. Shannon (Reynolds Society President) and Jennifer Conary (Reynolds Society Vice-President), and features work from emerging and established scholars alike.

The full content list as follows:

Louis James Foreword: Early Reynolds Research: Recollections

Jennifer Conary and Mary L. Shannon (Introduction) Reynolds Reimagined: Locating G.W.M. Reynolds in Victorian Studies

Jennifer Conary Dickensian Departures: Innovation and Originality in G.W.M. Reynolds’s Pickwick Abroad

Manon Burz-Labrande and Marie Léger-St-Jean ‘Lost, as it were, from amidst the assemblage of my literary productions’: Authorial agency from scissors-and-paste to remix in Reynolds’s translations

Stephen Knight Two Mid-Nineteenth-Century Popular Radical Novelists: G.W.M. Reynolds and Wilkie Collins

Mary L. Shannon ‘A Comic Writer of Some Distinction’: Reimagining G.W.M. Reynolds through the Madras Comic Almanac

Rohan McWilliam Reynolds’s Newspaper and Victorian Populism, 1850-79

Stephen Basdeo ‘One of the Bastards of the Mountain’: George W. M. Reynolds’s Red Republican and Socialist Ideology

Anne Humpherys Dining with Reynolds: The Reports of Reynolds’s Annual Festival

Ian Haywood George W. M. Reynolds and the Republic of Europe

Sara Hackenberg Sisterhoods, Doppelgangers, Republicans: Reynolds’s Radical Mysteries

Ruth Doherty ‘If I be a wretch, it is you who made me so’: The Disintegrated Narrative of Lydia Hutchinson in The Mysteries of London

Mollie Clarke Reynoldsian Women: Sexualisation and Female Agency

Rebecca Nesvet Lord of Misrule: Reynolds’s Radical Christmas Fiction

Craig Howes Translating Reynolds to the Pacific and Widening Victorian Studies

This incredible collection is available to purchase here. Enter the code EFL02 at checkout for a 20% discount.

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