The G. W. M. Reynolds Society at BAVS 2022

Earlier this month, the Reynolds Society took to the BAVS 2022 stage in the hopes of convincing a room of Victorianists that our discipline needs G. W. M. Reynolds. One of only five single author panels at the conference (Reynolds shared this honour with Dickens, Gaskell, Hardy, and James), the Society’s roundtable established Reynolds’s place … More The G. W. M. Reynolds Society at BAVS 2022

‘Reynolds Re-evalutated’ Evaluated

Our narrative opens on the 23rd of July, 2019. A stifling heat pervaded the great metropolis, and the streets were swarming with life. Crowds of Londoners, like myriad animated streams, were pouring through the countless avenues and thoroughfares, diverging and then converging – and every constituent marched doggedly with one thing, one person, on their … More ‘Reynolds Re-evalutated’ Evaluated