Reynolds Society Postgraduate Rep

It’s all change on the Reynolds Society board: it’s with great sadness we say goodby to Sophie Raine, who ends her term of office as Postgraduate Rep for the Society.

Sophie was our very first Rep and threw herself into the role with enthusiasm and energy. She has developed the blog and our social media presence and been an invaluable member of the team. Together with our Early Career Rep Samantha Morse, Sophie was instrumental in keeping the activities of the Society running during the past (extraordinary) six months. The whole board is immensely grateful to them for their cheerful resourcefulness in the face of many challenges.

Sophie leaves to focus on completing her PhD, and we wish her all the very best with the final months of her project. But she will be remaining a valued member of the Society, and contributing to activities where she can.

Samantha remains with us as Early Career Rep, and Daniel Jenkin-Smith is now Society Secretary.

Our new Postgraduate Rep is Kevin Newman, in the first year of his PhD at Sussex University. Kevin joins us with a wealth of ideas and enthusiasm, and will be posting on the blog next month to introduce himself properly to you all.

We hope everyone is keeping well in these challenging times, and that the Reynolds Society blog continues to be a source of productive distraction and information for you all!

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